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Archery Beginner Information

Anyone wishing to take up Archery as a sport must first successfully complete a Beginner Course.

Beginner Course

Our beginner course is an introduction to archery for people who are interested in taking up archery as a sport. The course consists of six hours of coaching, focusing on recurve target archery, as seen at the Olympic Games. During the autumn/winter months the course takes place indoors and is spread over six weeks, with each lesson lasting one hour. During the spring/summer months the course takes place outside, over three or four weeks, with each lesson lasting either one and a half hours, or two hours. The sessions are structured with the emphasis on shooting, to maximise the time you will actually spend shooting with a bow under the supervision of a qualified coach.

On completion of the course you will:

  • be aware of the safety requirements of archery
  • be able to describe the various components of a recurve bow
  • know what the different types of archery are and what bow styles are available
  • be able to successfully shoot a recurve bow at a distance of up to 20 yards
  • know how to complete a score sheet as used in an archery competition
  • understand archery terminology
  • have reached a sufficient standard to allow you apply to join an Archery GB registered club

The course starts with a safety briefing, which will explain the layout of the archery range, the signals that need to be followed and the general do’s and don’ts of archery. You will then be equipped with a bow, arrows and safety equipment before starting to shoot a recurve bow in the bare bow style with an instructor.

All of the equipment needed for archery is provided by the club. You should however wear comfortable clothing that is not loose fitting (no baggy sleeves) and flat heeled footwear that covers the entire foot (no sandals, open-toed shoes or high-heels).

For courses taking place during the outdoor season, please bring a raincoat and/or sunhat and sun cream as appropriate, depending on the weather forecast. You may also wish to bring a snack and a drink (in a non-spillable container).

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Membership of Caldy Bowmen

If you have already completed a beginner course or are a current member of Archery GB and wish to join our Club, please contact us via the web form page. ...more


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